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Broker Pricing

Take Control and Build Your Business

Here's What a Broker Account Does for You:

  • Gain control – Manage all agent accounts under your brokerage account.
  • Receive and review offers from all agent accounts in real time.
  • No more waiting for agents to deliver the offer or send an non-secure email.
  • Delight sellers – They can review offers as they happen.
  • Track everything – Your account is automated with time stamps, auto respond, auto declines, etc.
  • Add value – Clients experience an average of 14% increase in resale value.
  • Save time and money – Stop wasting them by chasing documents.
  • Gain maximum value at minimal cost – Use the world's most secure offer management system for your brokerage.
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The Fee Structure is charged to the credit card on the broker admin account. The charge is issued on the same day of the month the account is turned on. There are no refunds. Data is stored and maintained live for five years and then moved to an archive storage for recall. If you would like to cancel the Broker Admin account simply click the Cancel button on your profile page of the broker account. The account will remain accessible but no other properties can be added to your account.