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Offer Runway Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find a property?

You can use the Quick Search bar under the Offer Runway logo at the top of every page to find a property by house number or street name.


Offer Runway Title


You may also browse properties by state from the home page map by clicking on the desired state or selecting the state from the drop-down box.





Go to Top How do I submit an Offer?

You can submit an offer on a property from the Properties page here:


Make Offer


Or from the Property Details page here:


Make Offer

Go to Top It says I have an incorrect Offer Price.

When entering an offer price, only use whole numbers.


Example: 100000 instead of $100,000.


Adding a comma, period, or a dollar sign to the offer price will cause the system to reject your offer price.

Go to Top I cannot find a property and the Listing Agent said it was on the system.

If you cannot find a property on the system that you know is there, try using less information in your search criteria to broaden your search results. If you are searching for a specific address, try using only the house number or street name.

If you know the agent's name, search for the properties that are listed by that agent here:

Agent Name

When you find a property the agent is listing, click on his/her name to send them an internal message.


The property may not be set to show if it is Pre-Market, Pending, Sold, TOM, Expired, or if an offer has been Verbally Accepted. Most properties must have Active status to show in the listings.


Go to Top How do I upload an MLS custom CSV file?

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Open your MLS export and save the file as as CSV file from Excel or OpenOffice Calc (do not save the spreadsheet in .xls or .xlsx format)
  2. Log into your Offer Runway account and click on My Listings -> My Listings:My Listings
  3. Click on Add New Property
    Add New Property
    And then Import from MLS Export
    Import MLS
  4. Click on Browse... followed by Upload CSV
    Import CSV
  5. Then, use the dropdown boxes on the right to "map" your import into the correct data fields.Import CSV
  6. Check the box to save as new template (this will make importing properties much faster) and enter the name of your MLS followed by the Next Step button.
    Import CSV
  7. Make any necessary modifications (you can select Yes or No for properties you do not wish to import) on the next screen. When you're done, click Save Properties.
    Import CSV
Go to Top How do I edit more than one property at a time?

You can use the snapshot tool under Tools -> Snapshot to edit multiple fields for multiple properties.



Go to Top How do I add my MLS?

If you are signed in, go to MLS Access under Tools -> MLS Access.


MLS Access


Then click on Add MLS Access.


Add MLS Access


In the pop-up dialog, enter your MLS Information and click Submit.





Go to Top My MLS number does not upload the listing.

After verifying that it is the correct MLS number, please check your MLS Access for the correct RETS username and password.


This can be locatd under the menu tab Tools -> MLS Access.

A managing broker can obtain this username and password from their MLS. Please ask your broker for this information.

In some cases, adding a 0 in front of your MLS number will fix the problem.

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